Art By Queen Sen Sen


Art by Queen Sen Sen is an Indigenous Transgender owned art business dedicated to providing communities access to hands-on art workshops, community murals and one of a kind artwork pieces that reflects the LGBT community. - EST. February 2017

Resistance Press Oakland Cooperative - EST. June 2020 (Coming Soon) Follow Us on Instagram @artforthepeopleproject

The Resistance Press Origin Story

Inspired by Possessing the Secret of Joy, a Novel by Alice Walker- The Resistance Press came to life when Alice Walker expressed “…the secret of Joy is Resistance…”. We agree with Ms. Alice Walker and believe this joy should be shared with everyone in our community.

Resistance Press is a cooperative Queen Sen Sen and Cotton Turner, two Oakland print making artists developed as a long term strategy towards wellness and healing in local communities using Art as a tool. Our goal is to offer job opportunities, resources and art residencies in communities directly impacted by systematic racism, police brutality and poverty. We invite all artists and non-artists from all areas to become a member of this project so we can offer access to art everywhere!

What happens after I invest into Resistance Press?

All funding will cover cost of studio space, supplies and shipping costs. If you are interested in becoming an cooperative member, please email [email protected].

Artist Bio

Sen Mendez also known as Queen Sen Sen built their own art business sharing their journey using relief printing as a form of therapy to cope with CPTSD and Depression. Included in the 2019 Queer Ancestor Project Visual Exhibition, Queen Sen Sen displayed their new prints where they have been challenged to create images of visual storytelling, new carving techniques and express their large body taking up space using visual relief prints. Queen Sen Sen have provided visual workshops for organizations such as Wellness in Action, Peacock Rebellion and large companies such as Facebook.

Image Description

(Pictured: Sen Mendez aka Queen Sen Sen leaning onto a printmaking roller press at the Resistance Press Oakland studio location. Sen is a fat nonbinary transgender person of brown complexion and short hair wearing a pink tee with an image made by Jeffery Cheung with words above saying "Save Lyon Martin!" and black pants with black hoop earrings.)